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June 1st will see a new look website for Greenlight

Peter Stoten Profile

As you may have noticed over the last few months, we've been gradually introducing the refreshed Greenlight brand. We’ve changed our logo, our strap line, our office signage has changed and we’ve really been pushing our focus on the Channel Islands, but more to come on that later. 

The Top 5 Project Showstoppers

Project Showstoppers

What are the things that can grind a project to a halt? Its a great question. And one I asked myself recently.

The Story of the Master Workflow - Before & After

Master Workflow - Before

As a Greenlight Consultant I am extremely proud of what we can achieve as a team for the benefit of our Clients. I like to reflect on some of the changes I have been involved in since starting with here and one example that stands out for me is that of the Master Workflow. This blog presents a before and after story of the Master Workflow.

Greenlight exports its local success to the True North

Jonathan Atkinson

For more than 7 years Greenlight has been the leading independent business change specialist in the Channel Islands, delivering real business solutions to over a hundred clients and are now looking to export that success to the UK with the creation of a new wholly owned subsidiary, True North.

The Importance of Structure in Project Management


As a project manager structure is everything… there should be no such thing as a project without structure.

Bamboo Removal and Hazel Coppicing

Greenlight CSR


Making / seeing physical change will allow space for improvement and renewal.


Why eGov is Jersey's biggest opportunity

SoJ eGov

There’s been quite a lot of press and online coverage recently about the general disappointment, frustration and even anger over the lack of progress with the States of Jersey’s eGov programme. I’m not going to add my voice to the chorus of disapproval nor defend the organisation. For the record I am also disappointed with progress and I have my own thoughts about what went wrong but I firmly believe the current decision to pause the programme and reset is absolutely the right thing to do.

Nobody understands the cloud

Sex Tape Quote

In the film ‘Sex Tape’ Cameron Diaz berates her partner who has accidentally uploaded a private video to ‘the cloud’. When she asks why he can’t ‘get it down from the cloud’ he turns and shouts at her – ‘nobody understands the cloud’. It turns out that he isn’t alone in this. According to a poll commissioned by Citrix, albeit one that is two years old, 51% of respondents thought that stormy weather would interfere with cloud services and 22% admitted to feigning knowledge of the cloud and how it works.

Mind the Gap!

Mind the Gap!

Gap analysis is a common business analysis technique used for defining requirements to move from an existing state to a desired state. While the actual technique is more complex, it boils down to 3 simple steps:

Greenlight's Training Philosophy - 8 Core Principles

Phil at Skills Award

Here at Greenlight, we were proud and delighted to receive a Skills Development Award at the first Skills Jersey award ceremony in January 2015.

As a management consultancy we advise and help clients with many aspects of their business, from system selection and implementation, through IT governance, technical due diligence and core process re-engineering. However one aspect that we have never consulted on has been training, so in light of our recent award I thought it would be interesting to give you a brief overview of our approach to training and our guiding principles.

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