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PMO - Programme Management Office or Protecting My Organisation?


Paul Marshall“Rules, rules and more rules” I hear people say, “it would just hinder progress being made by my project managers!” Well, until a well implemented and managed Programme Management Office (PMO) is introduced into an organisation – delivering tangible benefits and improving communication through P3O best practice governance frameworks.

 So, why protecting?

  • There will be no ‘pet projects’ where employees have great fun playing with new concepts which are not aligned to the business strategy, or worse still delivering no real benefits to the organisation at all.  Delivering the right projects.
  • All these fantastic ideas and projects that will realise benefits still need to be prioritised and resourced accordingly. With limited funds or resources the stronger business cases / returns on investment will help drive the organisation forward. Stronger ROI.
  • Resources are stretched more and more these days so making sure they are deployed to the most important projects whilst balancing their ‘business as usual’ responsibilities. Well-managed projects will ensure that your best people are included in your project teams and their roles back-filled. The organisation can remain operationally efficient.
  • Thinking ahead and mitigating risks will unblock potential issues before they happen. A less stressful project and business environment.
  • Communication, communication and more communication, at the right time to the right people. Fewer surprises, misunderstandings and much better morale.
  • Project spend is closely monitored to ensure that budgets are not exceeded, highlighting possible variances early rather than explaining after the event that the project cost more than planned, “I thought you were aware since you were signing off the invoices?” No nasty £/$/€ surprises.
These are only the tip of the iceberg and perhaps YOU recognise these pains? As always, feel free to comment below, I welcome your feedback! 

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