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How does value creation work in the Public Sector?


Bruce CaveyCreating value means delivering more service, better and with higher efficiency. This amounts to doing more with less and that leads to the application of smarter processes with less waste. 


Investing in your employees is vital. Nothing will motivate staff more than if they feel valued. For example - Six Sigma is a methodology that can really encourage smarter processes and decreased waste… Get your employees trained and better qualify your staff and then utilise them to create an element of understanding about saving waste within your team. They will return from training with a whole new perspective of things and this will allow them to more efficiently implement the knowledge. On the topic of your team it is important to understand what particular skill sets they have… Relevant to their job description or otherwise. Adding value can come from anywhere… But you won't know what resources you have available unless you know what your employees can do. Don't be afraid to let them work outside of their 'official role'


Your team can help each other. Yes, you may well be the manager. But you'd be amazed at what can come out of employees when you're not around. Without you there, they won't feel limited about what they can say. Using workshops can allow your newly trained staff to spread their new perspective and engage their peers in new methodologies. The use of programmes such as Mastermind's DISCOVER training can really help in setting up these workshops because it allows people to learn about their personality profiles and how best they fit into a team & what roles they can play. This may sound like 'wishy washy' stuff but the way in which you create teams can have a profound effect on whether they are successful or not. Value creation comes from people and no-one else, so there's no better investment than finding out about them. 

The Customer:

Value is aimed at your customer so interacting with them and getting their feedback is essential. If you don't speak to them, you can 'create value' all you like… But what you think is value creation could be someone else's pain in the [insert relevant word!]. Get your teams to actively engage with customers and find out what it is that they want. Nobody is going to give you more relevant information than the people you're targeting.

 In short to create value in the Public sector:

  • Invest in your employees - All the value is going to come from them
  • Let your team collaborate and brainstorm amongst themselves - let them explore
  • Use your customer - Value them… Don't just use them to sell your product