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Doing the right things, then doing things right


Paul Marshall‘Doing the right things’ means ensuring that all of the projects and programmes are aligned to the overall business strategy. Whether the deliverables are innovative ground breaking new products, or streamlining your operational processes resulting in time and cost savings, they must be aligned. The last thing an organisation should be doing is wasting valuable time and effort on ‘pet projects’ that don’t realise any benefits during and/or after completing a project. Your resources are probably already stretched so let’s make sure that they are working on the right things.

There are many techniques for making sure this alignment occurs, why not speak with your Programme Management Office (PMO) for support? A technique would be to use a P3O prioritisation model such as a forced-rank list and then review their respective priorities against their risk levels, therefore optimising the investment opportunities. You will end up with an agreed set of programmes/projects that your organisation will work on, making best use of your finite resources and budgets. Is your organisation trying to squeeze too much out of staff on a set budget and delivering 80% of everything i.e. nothing in real terms, rather than focussing on delivering perhaps 100% of half of the originally proposed projects on the wish list and therefore delivering benefits into the organisation, on budget, time and cost.

‘Doing things right’, in my view, also means learning from change and investing in a method and a tool for capturing lessons learned so the organisation can grow and develop a sharing and learning culture. By creating a skills matrix and plan for developing the skills of staff for specific programmes will build your organisations capacity to deliver and combined with the learning culture the sky is the limit!

Also, take a look at some of the major reasons why things go wrong in our white paper below - it helps to know what to steer away from too. 

In my next blog I’ll discuss ‘doing things right’, now that you are ‘doing the right things’  :) 

If you have any questions or comments please get in touch.