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People, Process and Project Technology.


Bruce CaveyThese few words make up the key components of Business Change. They all interact with each other and in a change programme, if you ignore any one of them, then you run the risk of not achieving a successful outcome.

In today’s world, dominated by the mobile application we can view the People, Process and Technology within the context of the project application portal, a virtual place where the project is centrally managed and has all the relevant documents and information in one “easy to reach” place using a browser; access from any device, any time and anywhere.

Some new applications will help the project team with collaboration, task assignment, and centralised documentation in a less constrained way. This is a big improvement on old school project tools. Improve an operations process for Project Management, and as in other industries Technology now provides a system that will automate a part of the process. That also means people will have to manage their projects differently.

So how do we make the best use of Project Technology? The answer is simple; get an app that does the difficult bits (like communicating with stake holders quickly and efficiently, sending out meeting notes, agendas and receive instant feedback) for you. Create a place where all the project collateral is in one place and make audit and compliance pressures a thing of the past.

If a project is being implemented, the Technology should be the easiest part to get right - but as many of us who have been round for a while will know - there are some pretty bad tools out there for managing projects. The old Gantt chart is a struggle for anyone other than the Project Manager to read but with new tools, you can watch the team, client and suppliers all start to interact in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Even if you are on the road, programme managing different workstreams you won’t get confused about where a file is (stuck on some device or other) – no need for panic, it’s all secure in the cloud. Using a web browser from anywhere - hotspot, airport or office  -  it’s always available. Your team and client deserve prompt communication and to be included at the earliest stage of planning. The new breed of apps will make it their project and their system – and that’s half the battle won right there.

Tools make it easier to plan and when you think through the plans those elements are separated, defined and understood. You may be surprised by the new level of understanding you have for the end to end project process. Imagine if the Business Analyst has dropped the process catalogue into your application for everyone to review, share and comment on before you get to work on the requirements.

Every time you look for operational improvement, start to consider how your projects could run better, a good place to start is to open your mind to some new exciting and inexpensive tools that do all the project bits some of us never did well and was always a real chore, then go and push the boundaries of what the tools can do.  Come back and tell the rest of us your new ways of working, because this is going to be a great change in our industry that our teams (and particularly our clients) will love.