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Enabling effective business transformation


Chris AshDuring your professional careers you may have experienced significant changes in your business; retrenchment, rapid growth, reacting to market changes or new business strategies. Some of these changes may have been implemented more successfully than others and this blog offers a few simple take-aways to ensure business change is as seamless as possible.

There is no 'i' in team

Everyone knows the importance of putting your best people forward in order to get the work done well, but a group of high performing individuals does not make an effective team – so take care when putting your project team together. If lack of team cohesion has plagued you in the past then perhaps the business needs to understand the team better. One way to do this is by using DISC assessment. DISC not only helps you determine the characteristics and personalities of your team members, but more importantly, and of more value to the business, is that it also indicates which team members will work best together and in addition it provides guidance on how personalities that might normally clash can work together more effectively. The temptation to rush the planning stages and throw a team together is always there, but this investment of time upfront will save the business time, effort and money in the long term. Consider too adding a section on team collaboration to your lessons learned documents – so future projects can review any negative and of course positive notes relating to effective teamwork.

A brilliant strategy poorly executed is worth nothing

Once you’ve put together your project team how can you ensure they communicate and work effectively? More and more project teams are using collaborative tools which help you organise, plan, schedule, budget, communicate and coordinate. If your company are regularly involved with projects and teams consistently lose time creating new documents, compiling reports, recording time etc then consider investing in a collaborative tool that fits to your business and can provide many of these services and more. This will allow your project managers to project manage and team members and subject matter experts to focus their time on the areas for which they were assigned to the team originally.

In summary, businesses need to first understand people’s strengths and then play to them. When a unified team is in place that has been provided with the tools they need to deliver change they will get you to your destination.